Payment Methods

After clicking "place the order" and "continue to payment", you will be directed to the payment page.

On the Payment page, you will be asked to choose one of the following payment options:

(note that the terms and conditions box should be ticked in order for you to continue)

I. Credit Card

II. Paypal

III. Dragon Pay

IV. Bancnet

V. Gcash

I. Credit Card

folded&hung accepts credit card payments from VISA, Mastercard, JCB, and American Express cardholders. To use this payment method:

a. After clicking on the credit card payment option, a new window will appear.

b. In this window, you are asked for the following details:
 1. Type of card you wish to use
 2. Credit card number
 3. Card expiration date
 4. Card CVV number (3 digit number at the back of your card beside your signature)
 5. Card holder's name

c. Double check and make sure every detail is correct.

d. Click on pay now to process your transaction.

e. A new window will appear showing the summarized result of your transaction, it will indicate whether it is a successful or unsuccesful transaction.

If, the transaction is successful, folded&hung will be notified and will start processing your orders.
If, the transaction is unsuccesful, folded&hung will be notified and our customer care representatives will contact you and help you troubleshoot the problems.

Note that there are certain restrictions in our credit card payment option:

a. credit cards issued overseas (outside the philippines) will not be processed in our system thus we encourage our shoppers to only use PHILIPPINE ISSUED CREDIT CARDS.
b. Our system only accepts credit cards with 3D secure features, 3D secure is an additional security feature being offered by Visa under verified by Visa, Mastercard under Mastercard SecureCode, JCB under J/Secure and American Express under American Express SafeKey.

If you don't have 3D secure features in your card, this can be activated by registering at Visa, Matercard, JCB or American Express' websites.

c. In the event that your card doesn't have 3D secure features and it is also not eligible for activation of 3D secure, you can still make your purchase using the same credit card through our other payment option, PAYPAL.


a. Select Paypal as your mode of payment.

b. You will be prompted to continue your payment with Paypal, click continue.

c. A new page will appear, on the left side will be the summary of your orders and the total amount to be paid, and on the right there will be two options:

d. 1st Option is Pay with my Paypal account (for shoppers with active paypal accounts).
  - You will be asked to log-in to your paypal account and transact your payment.

e. 2nd Option is Pay wih my credit or debit card (for shoppers without paypal account).
  - You will be asked to fill up details much like the ones being asked in our credit card payment option.
  - Fill up necessary details, and double check everything, then click continue.

f. A new window will appear showing the summarized result of your transaction, it will indicate whether it is a succesful or unsuccesful transaction.

III. Dragon Pay

Dragon Pay is another payment option offering a wide array of non-conventional payment methods. Some services being offered are online banking, over the counter bank payments, over the counter payments with some of our partner establishments (ie. SM, LBC, Bayad Center, etc), and bills payment. To proceed:

a. Select dragonpay as your mode of payment

b. Select pay now, after checking your name and e-mail.

c. A new window will appear, asking you to choose which type of payment method you want to use. Categories are online banking, over the counter/atm banking, and over the counter others.

d. Once you have decided, a new window will appear with your reference number. View the instructions, and once reviewed, follow the steps.

e. You will be notified by dragonpay if transaction is succesful or unsuccesful.

(Note: You will be given 2-3 days to make the payment depending on the type of payment option you choose)